Power Poker Affiliate Resources

We pay 75% commission on every single sale! We’ve put together a resource kit to help our affiliates out. Use these copy and paste resources to earn commissions through the Power Poker affiliate program. If you haven’t signed up as affiliate yet go register for a free ClickBank affiliate account now.

Be sure to replace the ‘XXXXX’ place-holders with your click-bank ID, or you can make a custom hoplink at our ClickBank Affiliates page.

Pricing and Commission

Here’s what you could make based on the commission structure:

  • 1 sale @ 75% X $35 = $26.25
  • 2 sales @ 75% X $35 = $52.5
  • 5 sales @ 75% X $35 = $131.25
  • 10 sales @ 75% X $35 = $262.5


468 × 60

150 × 200

250 × 325

300 × 250

728 × 90

120 × 600




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Email 1

Subject: Powerful Poker Odds Calculator

Hi [First Name],

I’m just emailing you to tell you about a poker odds calculator program I have discovered.


They have written a program that calculates your odds in live, and video poker.

The program calculates all these things at once:

  • Likelihood of each hand type being drawn based on what cards you hold/draw.
  • The chances of your hands value becoming more/less valuable.
  • How likely another player has a better starting hand.
  • Computes the optimal strategy based a pay-off table.
  • Finally the estimated return rate for a given hand and holding pattern.

When I first saw this I thought “fine, maybe your program can do all that…but it’ll take days right?”

Boy was I wrong: when I tried it on my computer it did ALL that in under two seconds.

My next thought was “but how accurate is it?”, so I tested out some tricky hands and it consistently returned the best strategy.

You really should give their program a try, it’s improved my game tremendously. They even have a free demo version and a 60 day money back guarantee.


Warm regards

[Your Name]

I promise to add more sales emails in the future, I’m just really quite busy at the moment. Also, for those of you wondering why my images are refering to simplestsolutions.net (our sister site), it is because there is an as yet unidentified issue with images being hosting on this particular domain.

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