Power Poker – The Ultimate Odds Calculator

Our Power Poker Program calculates your odds perfectly every time. Poker probability calculation is a complex process, and our system uses the following details to crunch about 1 million poker hands per second:

  • Fully customizable payoff tables.
  • The cards in your hand.
  • The discarded cards.
  • And most importantly: a super-powerful, super-fast, algorithm that crunches over 1 million hands a second.








What does it do?


Power Poker will calculate the optimal strategies, probable payoffs, and risks – for live poker, AND video poker. This means that users can make informed decisions about whether or not to hold, fold, or raise.

This is the full set of outputs:

  • Likelihood of each hand type being drawn given a specific hold/draw pattern.
  • The chances of your poker hand becoming more valuable.
  • The chances of your hand’s value decreasing.
  • The odds that an opponent has drawn a more valuable starting hand than you.
  • Computes the optimal strategy for a given pay-off table.
  • Computes the estimated return rate for a given hand and holding pattern.

Here are two sets of sample output, showing some of the calculated probabilities:

Power-Poker Risky Sample HandPower Poker Good Sample Hand

What’s it worth?

The software was developed over hundreds of hours, and has been carefully optimised to improve speed and ensure accuracy. Now I normally charge $30 dollars an hour for my skills as a programmer, so if we assume that just one hundred hours were spent on Power Poker’s development it’s still worth around $3,000 in dev time alone.

It’s value per individual will vary based on how you use it: if you use it right, and learn everything it has to teach, you could clean up at the next poker tournament. Despite all that I’m only charging $35 dollars for a life-time license.

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Technical content warning (you can safely skip this bit):

When computing poker probabilities, there are millions of possible hands that need computing, which is why creating an efficient program to handle this problem is so challenging. The combinatoric and probability algorithm created especially for this software makes use of enumerators, multi-threading, and complex concurrent queue structures: this all comes together to allow approximately 1.4 million possible poker hands to be calculated per second. On an average machine this results in all the probabilities being calculated in under 2 seconds.

Still not convinced that you need the Power Poker program?


Power Poker Guarantee

Why not try it before you buy it? We specially made a lite Power Poker version so users can try it out before investing in the full-version. The full version doesn’t have a donate button, and includes fully customisable pay-off tables, rather than a single unalterable one.

And as if our lite version isn’t enough to demonstrate just how powerful the Power Poker program is, we also include a 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.


I think you’ll really benefit from this software – and I hope that you decide to invest in this today.

Best wishes,

Matthew Funcke


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